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Why is this course different from all other courses on finding love and romance that I have bought or taken in the past?
Our course is not fluff or a re-hash of old stuff, nor is it filled with ways to get the opposite sex through trickery or manipulation. It is a powerful and proven, effective approach to the world of romance.

Why should I buy this course?
Our course is designed for those who are serious about finding lasting romance and are ready to make a commitment to finding and having their relationship dreams come true.

What makes you an expert on this subject?
I do not call myself an expert on this subject. I am someone who has studied, lived and practiced this philosophy and can attest that it works.

Why is music so important in your course?
Music provides another modality to assist you in your learning process. Music also makes our course fun and entertaining.

I have been rejected by men so many times, will your book help stop men from rejecting me?
Men will stop rejecting you when you learn to respect yourself. Our course will teach you that and much more.

I am so frustrated by women; I can never seem to make them happy. How does your book help me to stop this from happening?
When you start making yourself happy you will be able to make others happy. Our course will show you how to achieve happiness for yourself and reflect that happiness to others.

Why is it that after 2 or 3 dates, men start to lose interest in me?
When you learn how to handle men and understand them this situation will cease.

Can your book help me build the confidence to approach women?
When you understand some of the differences between men and woman and have an understanding of what you truly choose in a woman your confidence level will rise. This will make approaching woman easier.

It seems to me people who have successful relationships are more the exception than the rule.
This is sad but true. However my course will teach you to make successful relationships the rule.

Can your course help me overcome the fact that I have been so badly burned by my ex-husband? I don’t know if I can even trust another man.
A big part of my course is to help you change your attitudes about the past into a bright positive future.

Why do the relationships I get into seem to be great for a while and then turn ugly?
More than likely they were relationships by chance instead of relationships by choice.

What is the key to finding a great relationship?
Listening to and believing in Romance by Choice.

Why is it that men just do not want to commit?
Men will commit when they have a reason to. My course will help you develop that reason.

In the people I date I can not find all the things I want my ideal partner to be. What should I do?
Are you sure you really want all the things you choose you ideal partner to be like?

If you do not find an answer to your questions please email us and we will be happy to answer it.


“I’ve never understood why I could never connect with the right man. “Romance by Choice” has given me what I have always needed to find my way to the true love and romance I really want in my life. I wish I had this course ten years ago.&
rdquo; -- Beverly M.

“I’ve gotten so sick of online dating and all the stupid games people play. Working with this course has given me a new sense of confidence – I know who I am and I know who I’m looking for in a date. This alone has saved me no end of wasted time and frustration. I keep listening and learning more every time I review Romance by Choice.”
-- Nina K.

“This has been the best money I’ve spent in years! Compared to the cost of the singles cruises, parties, and everything else that was getting me nowhere this course is a bargain. Now I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I feel the changes in myself first. I thought this course was much too simple to work. When I took the time to really do everything it says I couldn’t believe it. What sounded like common sense wasn’t so common after all. Romance by Choice will be my well-kept secret.”
--Roger N.

“I started listening to the music CDs on my long commute to work and singing along with them. This music is great, better then any other romantic music collection I’ve ever heard! The words and the music would play in my head all day long and my life started changing then and there. Then I found a quiet place at home and started working with the audio course. I didn’t like it at first. The work was too hard and I didn’t understand why we had to do these things. Then I discovered I could just follow the simple instructions and take one little section at a time. It took a while but now I’ll never view love and dating the same. What used to be a mystery to me is now very clear, like a headlight cutting through the fog of confusion. Thank you, thank you, Romance
by Choice.”
--Anita R.

“I thought this course was really weird, full of strange Eastern mystical things I’ve never heard of. I gave it a try anyway. I just couldn’t believe the Feng Shui stuff. It sounded like nonsense but it actually worked, and boy, how it worked! That alone made this whole course worthwhile. I never knew the way I spoke and the words I used made any difference in my love life. I made some of the changes in my speaking Bill suggests and now my friends and relatives tell me that I’m calmer and easier to be with. I was looking for love but I didn’t expect things to improve so much with my family and friends!”
--John P.


If You are Widowed

Someone who has lost a partner after years of marriage and is eventually thrust back into the singles world needs lots of gentle support. You may need assistance in dealing with a world you did not ask to be in ...

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If You are Divorced
How can Romance by Choice help you after divorce? Romance by Choice assists you in finding yourself, rebuilding your confidence, and restoring your faith in romantic relationships.

Our program helps you recognize and deal sensitively and appropriately with issues ...

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If You are Single

If you have been looking for a relationship and have been coming up empty, Romance by Choice can make all the difference in the world