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What Romance by Choice can do:

If You are Divorced
How can Romance by Choice help you after divorce? Romance by Choice assists you in finding yourself, rebuilding your confidence, and restoring your faith in romantic relationships.

Our program helps you recognize and deal sensitively and appropriately with issues ...

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If You are Widowed

Someone who has lost a partner after years of marriage and is eventually thrust back into the singles world needs lots of gentle support. You may need assistance in dealing with a world you did not ask to be in ...

If You are Single

If you have been looking for a relationship and have been coming up empty, Romance by Choice can make all the difference in the world

Introducing ROMANCE BY CHOICE, a unique program that bridges the gap between thinking about love and romance…to making it happen!!!

Imagine knowing what you want and finding it.
Imagine a relationship that makes you happy.
Imagine a relationship that gets better each day.
Imagine the possibilities of discovering a whole new you.
Imagine someone loving you the way you choose to be loved.

When you are listening to “Romance by Choice”

You will learn to redefine the meaning of you…Through our Audio-program, Workbook and Journal.

You will discover your own identity… as opposed to the identity you’ve assumed to survive in your relationship world.

You will learn to uncover the masks that have kept the real you buried and repeating the old habits that brought you to disappointment after disappointment.

You will recognize the triggers that cause you to sabotage your own relationship success.

Identify what triggers your fears of moving beyond and creating a fulfilling relationship

You will discover how the word ‘choice’ is one of the most potent drivers that can lead you from being your own worst enemy to becoming your best friend.

And most importantly… you will become aware that the satisfaction you have been looking for is at your fingertips if you will only open your mind and your heart.

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