Romance Readiness Evaluation

 Assign each item one score on a  1 – 10 scale where 1 is “not at all” or “never describes me” and 10 is “extremely” and “always describes me.”

1. I am open to new ideas. __________


2. I try to learn from my mistakes.________


3. I welcome input from others._____________


4. I enjoy meeting new people. ______________


5. I have a clear idea of what I want in a romantic relationship.____________


6. My past romantic relationships have been satisfying._______


7. I am willing to devote time and energy to finding a romantic relationship._______________


8. I am resourceful and creative in finding romantic relationships.___________


9. I am persistent even when things don’t always go my way. ______________


10. Romantic Relationships are important to me._______


11. I expect romantic relationships to just come to me and don’t want to work at it._______________


12. I am so jaded from past romantic relationships it’s hard to think about a new one._______________


13. I believe there are no decent people to have a romantic relationship with._______________


14. I really don’t believe that true romance exists.______________


How to score:

Add all scores for items 1-10.
Add your scores for items 11-14, double that score, and subtract that total from total for 1-10 scores. Then see where you fit in the following ranges.



Less than 30:   You need some help to get started.

30 –49:            Your journey will be challenging.

50 – 74:           You will need some support on your journey, but you are ready to get started.

75 – 89:           You are on your way….keep going

90 – 100:         Just do it!!!



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