If You are Divorced
How can Romance by Choice help you after divorce? Romance by Choice assists you in finding yourself, rebuilding your confidence, and restoring your faith in romantic relationships.

Our program helps you recognize and deal sensitively and appropriately with issues ...


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If You are Widowed

Someone who has lost a partner after years of marriage and is eventually thrust back into the singles world needs lots of gentle support. You may need assistance in dealing with a world you did not ask to be in ...

For the Single Audience...

How can Romance by Choice support you if you’ve never been married?

If you have been looking for that lasting relationship and have been coming up empty, Romance by Choice can make all the difference in the world. Our program assists you in powerfully re-evaluating your goals and objectives about finding a lasting romantic relationship so that they best fit your deepest needs and desires. We then help you move with intention and velocity through the steps necessary to transform your thoughts and desires into a real romantic relationship

If you want a serious long term relationship you need to be far more careful in your selection than if you were just out for a bit of fun. A one night stand or a short term fling doesn’t really require much more than a level of attraction. However, if you are ready to progress towards a relationship that is more long term, we walk you through the important considerations you need to think about to help you meet your goals. For example, we look at the unique qualities in your partner that would be most compatible with yours, and help you examine your and your partner’s willingness and ability to commit.

Romance by Choice starts with the premise that you must absolutely love yourself. If you are seriously committed to finding a long term and meaningful relationship, it is important to recognize that no one can love you if you don’t love yourself. Romance by Choice provides tools to assist you in getting to know yourself, even love yourself, and thus prepares you to find that special person you are looking for.

Romance by Choice helps you base your judgment on more than superficial aspects like looks alone. It takes you through a step-by-step process designed to assist you in defining, finding, and sustaining a relationship with your ideal partner.Romance by Choice helps make life and love extremely liberating. We use a rare combination of techniques ─ logic for your brain and positive emotions to capture your heart ─ all supported and reinforced through the power of music.

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If You are Single

If you have been looking for a relationship and have been coming up empty, Romance by Choice can make all the difference in the world