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If You are Widowed

Someone who has lost a partner after years of marriage and is eventually thrust back into the singles world needs lots of gentle support. You may need assistance in dealing with a world you did not ask to be in ...

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If You are Single

If you have been looking for a relationship and have been coming up empty, Romance by Choice can make all the difference in the world

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What Romance by Choice can do:

If You are Divorced
How can Romance by Choice help you after divorce? Romance by Choice assists you in finding yourself, rebuilding your confidence, and restoring your faith in romantic relationships.

Our program helps you recognize and deal sensitively and appropriately with issues ...

Bill Scalzitti has spent over 25 years developing his unique and fantastic new approach to finding true love and romance. The Romance by Choice program was developed in collaboration with his wife Jeana, an expert and published author in the field of sex roles and the psychology of women and men. Their romantic and passionate partnership on both a personal/marital and professional level has led to the development of a totally unique approach to enable and empower singles, divorced and widowed people of any age to choose the romantic relationship of their dreams.

Bill and Jeana realized that coaching on a one-on-one basis can be extremely supportive to single people who are searching for romantic relationships. They wanted to get their message to all single people all over the world  and that’s why Romance by Choice was created. Romance by Choice is a truly unique program. It is comprised of an audio-book, workbook and journal which puts this comprehensive program and unique approach in a class by itself.

Bill’s Story
I began developing the idea for my Romance by Choice program over 30 years ago after a failed marriage at a very young age. When my marriage broke up, I started looking for answers to the question… how does something that starts out so joyously crash and burn into a rubble of disaster and heartbreak?

I began by reading about love and relationships. Then I started interviewing both men and women about why their relationships had failed. After some time patterns started to emerge. Then interviews became consulting sessions, on how their relationships began, why they fell apart, what they did before, during and after, and how they moved on.

I began to develop the “OUTLINE Method” as a means to discovering who and what you are looking for. The “OUTLOOK Method” was developed from my many years of studying Positive Mental Attitude, Feng Shui, Conscious language, The Science of Deliberate Creation and other new age programs.

Other methods were developed after many years of starting and working as a facilitator for single parent groups. This provided a basis for much research and development for my program, focusing on the difference between what men and woman need from each other and other key insights that I gleaned. It also became obvious that there was a great lack of romance in so many relationships and in many cases this led to the demise of these marriages. The lack of romance comes in some cases from not knowing, from feeling it is not appropriate, from family upbringing, or from lack of time because of career or family pressures. Many times partners have sought out romance with other people rather than their spouse because it was easier than….putting the time and energy into their own relationship.

I also have always been a believer in the power of music. I love to listen to the lyrics of songs, because so much emotion and romance is communicated through songs. I knew I wanted to include music in my course/program as a way to teach how a romantic relationship might feel. When my recording engineer came up with the idea to place the music underneath my speaking  the Romance by Choice program moved up to a whole new level of impact and quality. 

I met my lovely wife Jeana sixteen years ago and we have enjoyed an incredibly passionate and romantic relationship, all based on the teachings of Romance by Choice. So that’s the story of how Romance by Choice was born, and continues to provide a powerful new approach for men and women to choose relationships by CHOICE, not chance.

The Coach for Romance Believes
“It really is possible to find and maintain the relationship you choose, and have the romance you deserve.” Bill Scalzitti, developer of the Romance by Choice program.

“Having romance in my life is a dream I had, and thought would never come true.” Says Jeana Scalzitti, PhD, co-developer of the Romance by Choice program.